Cervin Robinson was born in 1928 in Boston and started photographing at the age of 12. He attended Harvard University and in the 1950s worked as an assistant to Walker Evans. At a time when most photographers considered people to be the most serious subject for photographers, he says that "pictures of buildings seem to me as satisfying as pictures of people were frustrating." He has traveled widely and worked in a freelance capacity as a photographer for architects and architectural magazines since 1958. Author and illustrator of several books, he has also shown work in many galleries and museums: The Brooklyn Museum, The Ammon carter, The Philadelphia Museum to name a few. He has received grants from the Brunner Foundation, The Guggenheim Foundations and held two residencies at the MacDowell Colony. His work was more recently included in an exhibition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the renowned publication Places, in which Cervin’s photography has been prominently featured. He is fond of dogs and mountains after one of which he was named.



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  • 1987      Honorary member NY Chapter of A.I.A
  • 1986      American institute of Architects, June 1986 Institute Honor as Photographer and Historian
  • 1971      Guggenheim Fellowship


  • 1950      Harvard A.B
  • 1946      Phillips Exeter Academy (1942-1946)


  • 2008      Life in Place, Places, Vol 20 # 3
  • 2005      A State of the Union, Places, Vol 17 # 2
  • 2005      Celestial Cities Meet Vanity Fair, Places, Vol 17, #1
  • 2002      Picturing the Road to Newark Airport, (aka Random Ashlar) Places, Vol15 # 1
  • 2001      Havana, Places, Vol. 14 # 1
  • 1999      Photographing Fitchburg, Places, Vol 12 #2
  • 1971      Late Cast Iron, Architectural Forum, New York
  • 1972      Usine Menier, Architectural Forum, New York
  • 1969      Bravura in Brooklyn, Architectural Forum, New York
  • 1966      Castles in the Air, Architectural Forum, New York City
  • 1964     The  World’s Fair, Architectural Review, London UK


J.Duncan Berry

The New Criterion, Arpril 2008
"Robinson's work [is] perhaps the most celebrated of any living architectural photographer..."
"It's a brilliant show..."

Robert Campbell

Boston Globe, April 27/2008

M.F. House of Garden

Farish Gallery, April 1983
"Among contemporary [architectural] photographers, none is more distinguished than Cervin Robinson..."
"Of equal importance to O'Gorman's authoritative text Cervin Robinson's marvelous Photographs..."

Brendan Gill

The New Yorker, Feb 9/1998